A History of The Russian Orthodox Church

On this site, you will find an exploration of the history and traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church. There will be an in depth exploration of the history of the founding of the Church in Russia and the evolution that has brought the Church into the present day.

This will help you look at historical facts and accounts as to what happened when the Church fell under the rule of the Mongols during the 13th to 15th centuries, and how the Church was able to survive and thrive under the barbaric rule, and managed to survive in a time when religion was persecuted and attacked in its many different forms and traditions.

Going further into the history of the Russian Orthodox Church, there will also be an in-depth research on the effect that communism may have had on the Church after the fall of the Tsars, and what occurred during the Russian Revolution.

The grand history of the Russian Orthodox Church tells a tale of a church that faced many trials during its formative years. The fact that it was able to withstand the attacks and changes that followed over the years is a great testament to the resilience of the Russian people during times that have been the subject of great historical strife and suffering.

The Russian Orthodox Church has undergone many transformations over the centuries, and continues to be one of the strongest Christian Churches in the present day with a worldwide congregation of about 150 million. This makes the Russian Orthodox Church second only to the Roman Catholic Church in terms of number of followers.

The Russian Orthodox Church has, with immigration and emigration, seen its expansion to so many other countries over the decades and centuries with the Church being recognized in many countries including US.